If you enjoy a good “whodunit?” you’re a cinch to love this clever “howtodoit?”

An odd pair of model citizens conclude that their only protection, and that of their friends, against a powerful and dangerous adversary is MURDER. Needing additional brain- and muscle-power, their first task is recruiting a gang but keeping the other members innocent of the crime.

This novella, at once humorous and frightening, chronicles their painstaking, handicapped effort to devise and carry out a feasible plot while avoiding detection. Firearm, knife, poison, flames? Follow their amateur investigations and schemes as they refine a plan to dispatch their enemy and balance on the thin line between their perceived duty and their religious belief.

The tale also dramatizes the plight of some unlucky inmates of shoddy assisted-living facilities, for these are wheel chair conspirators beyond their mid-80s, and confined in one. They are justifiably fearful of being “hospiced to death” by the unprincipled, profiteering owner. But how can they form their frail bodies into an effective force?

Suspense, twists, and more than a few laughs lie around every corner of the titillating story.