Bun-Bun’s Amazing Travels, enjoyed by many readers, big and small, has an attractive and exciting sequel, Bun-Bun’s New Adventures, text by Larry Stanfel, illustrations by Jane Stanfel, available now at Amazon.com.


The much-loved, almost-real rabbit’s new travels are even more amazing and feature an airplane flight and vacation to Washington, D.C. In the course of this tour, Johanna and Bun-Bun learn something about our country’s foundation and several of the historic individuals that helped create and preserve it.


More Importantly, Johanna learns what it takes to be a good and honest citizen and is brought together with Emily and Andrew, the other children whose lives little Bun-Bun has touched.


As with the first Bun-Bun, children will learn valuable facts and be shown the values with which every young one should be imbued. Their vocabularies, too, will be expanded by the text leading them, perhaps with a reader’s help, through the story. Sparkling features of this book are the lovely, imaginative, sometimes funny, always realistic illustrations that mark Bun-Bun’s escapades. The graphics, alone, make the book a treat.